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Songs About Persecution

by Oswaldovi

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KeepMusiciansOutOfPunk Andrea Rottin is a phenomenon, everything he takes into his hands gets pure gold! As if young Jack White and Keziah Jones were playing together in a fucked up basement club after having a few drinks. And then suudenly Miss Mosshart stops by for a quarrel.
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reward 03:33
reward I'm pretty sure there is a reward be sure there is a reward even if that's sad the right to keep one out of your life has got nothing to do with that even if that's sad you keep finding rights in your wrongs keep finding rights in your wrongs even if that's sad did you enjoy your reward chasing who is ripping you off will you sleep better tonight now that you cut them all out out of your circle of hate which I'm trying hard to avoid I won't sleep better tonight fearfully yours
black water 04:40
black water all in all you've just been hoping to get a chance to get a life unlike your olds not to have to hide like them not to have to hide like them but your odds they don't look good with a bunch of stangers in a cave black black water all around black black water all around wish your daughter were not here and she didn't have to see how her dear one's losing touch with a world you used to share
responsible citizen song you silly deceiver how long is your neck(1)/leg(2) is there anything wrong with it at all? if you will not say that, then tell me who will if you will not say that, then tell me who will an eye for an eye, a day for a day there's nothing to loose and a whole lot to gain
memory song 05:09
memory song one is for days long long gone two is for days still to come three is for days you wish they had gone four is for days you wish that could have been forgotten
silent agreement now you're silently agreeing with the hate that yet has come if it suits yourself then start admiting that you wouldn't run for your rights if you got them left A: it does hurt yourself and still your all with them well, might your „Gods“ enlight you all at once B: the darkness that they brought is really upsetting me but I wouldn't run for my rights, if I got them left A: now you're silently agreeing, if it suits you it will suite me now you're silently agreeing, if it suits you, it won't suite me
oblivion song if you ask yourself why did I start you'd answer that it was long ago if you ask yourself why do i keep doing it you'd answer back, I don't know yet but you've kept going on eversince the day that you've been told to if you ask yourself when will I stop you'd answer that you don't know yet if you ask yourself why do i keep doing it you'd answer back, you still don't know


A friend of ours once said world history is about the status of, and relationships between, 2 groups: one is doing mighty fine. The second one is not, and wants to take over the privileges and power of the first group.

The vast majority of humans spend their entire existence without playing (an active role in) this game, and would consider themselves lucky if they could live their lives without being the target of systematic violence and injustice, and without being persecuted.

Some of these people make it to the status of citizens. Some then forget about their pasts, some remember them too vividly and become persecutioners themselves. Some others are such extraordinary human beings that they keep on loving despite the hate that surrounds them.

These songs are not about giving answers. They are about asking questions and sharing thoughts. They are about history of our families. These songs are about persecution and the actors involved.


released October 3, 2017

'songs about persecution'

side a
black water
responsible citizen song

side b
memory song
silent agreement
oblivion song

Oswaldovi are:
Andrea Rottin ‒ voice, guitar, tambourine, hands-clapping, song-writing
Kateřina Malá ‒ voice, drums, percussion, keyboard, melodica, jew’s harp, song-writing on 'silent agreement'

...with a little help from their friends:
Carlo Veneziano ‒ balafon on 'memory song'
Jan Buriánek ‒ trumpet on 'silent agreement'
Sali Ertunc ‒ painting and design
Petr Hromádka ‒ recording at Low Resolution Studios and voice on 'oblivion song'
František Šec ‒ mix and master at Ďáblice Studio

...and with thanks to:
Andrea Petrovičová, Elena Rottin, Comaneci (Francesca Amati, Glauco Salvo), Francesco Candura, Ilona Malá, Roman Kejklíček, Jakub Horák, Zdeněk Malý, Jitka Petrášová, Petr Kalaš, Matt G, Scentographers (Paolo Moretti, Sara Montin), Tomáš Majtán, Vojta Sedláček and to everyone who supports us.


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Oswaldovi Prague, Czech Republic

Oswaldovi is a Czech-Italian duo formed by A. R. and K. M. Two voices, electric guitar, minimalist drums set-up and bass synth lines. Their sound is a blend of psychedelic rock, both American 1930s and Tuareg blues, South European folklore and spaghetti western soundtracks. The voices are in search for balance between experimentation and a traditional choral singing approach. ... more

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